Estela Barone
 Section 1 Coordinates
 Name of the network RECyT (Red Cientifica y Tecnologica Nacional)
 Contact person/point
    Estela Barone
 Postal address
   Av Cordoba 831 3er. Piso
 	(1054) Capital federal
 Telephone Number (541) 312-8917 / 312-3099 / 313-8389
 Fax Number (541) 313-8389
 Section 2 Network
 1.  Scope of the network (check all that apply)
         Academic                [x]
         General Research        [x]
         Government              [x]
         NGO                     [x]
         Commercial              []
         Special Interest Group  [x]      Specify________
         Other                   []      Specify________
 2.  Description
        Operating since         __90___
        Registered users        ___1231 (sites)__
        Active users            __624___ (connected at least once a
                                       month during the last 3 months)
 3.  Approximately, what percent of your users would you estimate as being
        __531___ University and research faculty staff
        __108___ University students
        __200___ Government employees
        __6___ Commercial employees
        __160___ NGO employees
        ___7__ Employees of International organizations, e.g., 
               (UNESCO, PNUD, OAS, IADB, and World Bank)
        ___105__ Other   ______________________
 4.  Do you charge for services     Yes []  No [x]
        If Yes, specify charging methods (check all that apply)
                ____ Free to end users
                ____ Fixed charges to end users
                ____ Variable (usage-based) charge to end users
                ____ Free to end institutions (such as a university)
                ____ Fixed charged to institutions
                ____ Variable (usage-based) charge to institutions
 5.  What is the approximate annual budget for your network 
     connection and/or information center?    ___1.300.000__________USA$
 6.  Of that budget, approximately what percent is used for
        __10%___ communication equipment  + computer equipment
        __30%___ communication charges 
        __40%___ technical staff + management staff +  support staff
        __15%___ facilities
        __5%___ software
        _____ overhead
        _____ other ______________________
 7.  Type(s) of connection(s) or gateway(s) out of your country
        __x___ IP
        __x___ UUCP
        _____ Fidonet
        _____ Bitnet
        _____ Other _______________________
 8.  Communication links(s) out of your country (for each link)
        Speed                   __384 K__
        Leased or switched      __Leased__
        Vendor                  __ Telintar_______
        Where do you connect?   ___Telintar- Internet_____
 9.  Approximately, what percent of your users have
        __82%__ e-mail only
        __< 2%__ dial-in access to a command line account on a host
        __< 1%__ dial-in SLIP/PPP connectivity
        __< 15%__ full-time IP connectivity
 10. Approximately, what percent of hosts on your network run
        __1__ an FTP server
        __1__ a WWW (http) server
        __1__ a Gopher server
        __1__ a list server
        __1__ a news server
        __0__ a dial-up bulletin board
        __0__ a library catalogue
 11. Of the hosts of your network, approximately what percent are
        ____ Personal computers running DOS
        _70_ Personal computers running Microsoft Windows
        _30_ Personal computers running Unix
        ____ Personal computers running Mac OS
        ____ Unix workstations
        ____ Other workstations
        ____ Unix minicomputers
        ____ Other minicomputers
        ____ Unix mainframes
        ____ Other mainframes
        ____ Other ________________
 12. Approximately, what percent of the hosts in your network communicate via
        __< 1 %__ IP
        __99 %__ UUCP
        __0___ Fido
        __< 1 %__ Bitnet
        ___0__ Other ________________
 Section 3 Help-desk and user support
 1.  Is there a help-desk or other central point for queries?  Yes [x]  No []
        Postal address   Av. Cordoba 831 3er. piso, (1054) Cap. Fed. 
        Telephone number (541) 312-8917
        e-mail address
 2.  Is a general user guide available?  Yes [x]   No []
        Paper   [x]      Electronic [x]
 3.  User group support activities
        Describe here activities to support user groups in 
using the network.	Lista interes
 4.  Training activities and workshops
        Describe here activities to train and inform user support staff. 
 5.  Other activities
        Describe here any other activities on your network you consider
        relevant.  Comments (plans, etc.) 
 Section 4 Success stories
 Could you give some examples of users or applications which best
 illustrate the value of your network?