A collaborative, composite document

This assignment will give you practice writing a short document and creating a collaboratively authored, composite document.

Look over our class Twitter feed, and pick a tweet that is of personal interest to you. (It has to be one no one else has taken).

Write a longer summary of item the tweet links to. Be sure to give your summary a meaningful title, and also say why it interests you and how it fits into our class.

Go back to our tips for writing short documents, and revise your summary until you are satisfied with and proud of it. Then run it through paperrater.com. Paperrater may suggest further revisions, and you should make those you agree with. Print your Paperrater results to turn in.

After revising your summary, add it to the Networking News page of our class wiki in normal size text. Place the title and your name at the top of your contribution, and format them as heading 2.

Put the original tweet at the end of your contribution, in bold face text.

Print the portion of the Networking News page that contains your contribution, and turn that in also.