Global Networking Survey
 Section 1:  Coordinates
      Name of the network:     CENIAI (Center for Automatic Interchange of Information)
      Contact person/point:     Jesus Martinez Alfonso
      Postal Address:              Capitolio Nacional, Aptdo.2069, La Habana, Cuba
     Telephone Number:        (537) 626565
     Fax Number:                   (537) 338237
     E-mail address:                jemar@ceniai.cu
 Section 2:  Network
    1.  Scope of the network: (check all that apply)
            Academic  		[X]
            General Research		[ ]
            Government		[ ]
            NGO			[ ]
            Commercial		[ ]
            Special Interest Group	[ ]	Specify________
            Other			[ ]   	Specify________
    2.  Description:
           Operating since:     1982
           Registered users:     732
           Active users:           732  (connected at least once a month during the last 3 months)
    3.  Approximately, what percent of your users would you estimate as 
               81      University and research faculty staff
           _____    University students
                 4     Government employees
               12     Commercial employees
                 3     NGO employees
           _____   Employees of International organizations
           _____   Other
    4.  Do you charge for services?     Yes [X]  No [ ]
           If Yes, specify charging methods (check all that apply):
                   ____ Free to end users
                   ____ Fixed charges to end users
                   ____ Variable (usage-based) charge to end users
                   ____ Free to end institutions (such as a university)
                   ____ Fixed charged to institutions
                     X    Variable (usage-based) charge to institutions
    5.  What is the approximate annual budget for your network 
         connection and/or information center?    ________ USA$
    6.  Of that budget, approximately what percent is used for:
                3    communication equipment
              14    computer equipment
              28    communication charges
              24    technical staff
                9    management staff
              18    support staff
           _____ facilities
           _____ software
               4     overhead
           _____     other ______________________
    7.  Type(s) of connection(s) or gateway(s) out of your country
           _____  IP
               X     UUCP
           _____  Fidonet
           _____  Bitnet
           _____  Other _______________________
    8.  Communication links(s) out of your country (for each link)
           Speed                                14,400
           Leased or switched            Switched
           Communication vendor     Intertel S.A. (Cuba)
           Connection point              Web (Toronto, Canada)
    9.  Approximately, what percent of your users have:
              40%      e-mail only
              60%     dial-in access to a command line account on a host
           _______  dial-in SLIP/PPP connectivity
           _______  full-time IP connectivity
    10. Approximately, what percent of hosts on your network run:
           _______ an FTP server
           _______ a WWW (http) server
           _______ a Gopher server
               80%    a list server
           _______ a news server
           _______ a dial-up bulletin board
           _______ a library catalogue
           _______ other 
    11. Of the hosts of your network, what of each type?
              X    Personal computers running DOS
              X    Personal computers running Microsoft Windows
              X    Personal computers running Unix
           ____ Personal computers running Mac OS
           ____ Unix workstations
           ____ Other workstations
           ____ Unix minicomputers
           ____ Other minicomputers
           ____ Unix mainframes
           ____ Other mainframes
           ____ Other _Netware__
    12. Approximately, what percent of the hosts in your network 
    communicate via:
           ____   IP
           100% UUCP
           ____  Fido
           ____  Bitnet
           ____  Other ________________
 Section 3:  Help-desk and user support
    1.  Is there a help-desk or other central point for queries?  Yes [X] 
        No [ ]
        Postal address:  
        Telephone Number:
        e-mail address:   
    2.  Is a general user guide available?  Yes [ ]   No [ ]
           Paper   [ ]      Electronic [X]
    3.  User group support activities
        Describe activities to support user groups in using the
        Technical Consultant
    4.  Training activities and workshops
        Describe activities to train and inform user support 
        Courses, conferences, workshops, seminary, technical support.
    5.  Other activities
        Describe any other activities on your network you 
        consider relevant.  Comments (plans, etc.): 
        Connection to Internet Network.
        To locate a Cuban gopher and an Uruguayan gopher.
        To improve connectivity among nodes located in different zones of the country
        through an X.25 note.
        To offer discussion list, MICROISIS supported databases and
        electronic publications.
 Section 4:  Success stories
    Could you give some examples of users or applications which best
    illustrate the value of your network:
    Implementation of a Novell network which will be connected to TCP/IP
    network, with a number of work stations in its first stage tending to
    increase up to fifity micro computers, thus widening the possibility of
    connection and access to services.
    Agreement Service to develop all the e-mail networks associated to the
    CENIAI network almost throughout the whole country.