Short bio

Larry Press, Professor of Information Systems at California State University, Dominguez Hills, has worked in both industry and academia. He has been on the faculties of the University of Lund, Sweden and the University of Southern California, and worked for IBM and the System Development Corporation. He has consulted to over 40 industrial, government and non-governmental organizations including IBM, Apple, Philips, Sony, Hyundai, RAND, the World Bank, ITU, UNDP, USAID and UNCTAD.

He has worked on data processing, multi-processor operating systems, simulation, decision table translation, simulation of concept acquisition, multivariate data analysis, pattern recognition (discriminant analysis), study of problem solving behavior in executives, computer and network applications in education, computer art, teleconferencing, the history of computing and networking, local area networks, expert systems, software import/export, the study of the global diffusion of the Internet, enterprise networking strategy and applications, a municipal network, telecommunication policy, IT literacy, the Cuban Internet and satellite Internet service.

Dr. Press studied the global diffusion of the Internet, with an emphasis on policy and technology in developing nations, during the early days of the Internet. He and his colleagues developed a framework to characterize the state of the Internet in a nation, and they, and others, used the framework in many national case studies and surveys.

At that time he published studies of the Internet in Russia, Cuba, Chile, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, and Vietnam. He has focused on the Cuban Internet in recent years. This work has been supported by Rand, The International Telecommunication Union, SAIC, UNDP, UNCTAD, and the US State Department as well as governments in studied nations. Dr. Press was also an organizer and instructor in the World Bank/Internet Society workshops, which trained over 2,500 networking leaders from nearly every developing nation.

Dr. Press has been active in ACM and the Internet Society, published over 240 articles and reports, written two books, edited two book series, been an editor or contributing editor for several magazines, trade publications and academic journals and periodicals. He is an active electronic publisher with nearly 4 million blog page-views and a Web site with over 51,000 files.

He has received the CSUDH Outstanding Professor, Distinguished Teacher and Hyundai Outstanding Professor awards, and his MBA and PhD in information processing are from UCLA. He is also a fitness nut and shoots free throws better than Shaquille O'Neal.

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